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Tailor made solutions

Not every client knows what they need but their lives feel chaotic and disorganised. We work to understand the way our clients live their lives and to provide the solutions they require to help them live their  life in a more efficient stress free way. Once your home is in order and homely again, you get to enjoy it. As your home becomes organised, so will you.

Decluttering and

organising rooms

What can we achieve for you?

  • We can help you get your home back in order.
  • Put manageable practical systems in place. 
  • Make your home reflect your needs.

We organise all aspects of your home including wardrobes, hotpress, kitchen cupboards, counters, worktops, accessories, gadgets, expired products, stationary and anything else that needs tidying order and sorting making our possessions more visually pleasing. We can sort out everything in your home including shoes, clothes, utensils and make up toiletries.

We recognise that more space really does mean more head space which hugely impacts positively on your general wellbeing.

NOTE: The relationship between our clients and ourselves and the nature and content of the work in which we engage is strictly confidential

Wardrobe makeover

And organisation

Helping you to organise your clothing and accessories so that choosing your outfit helps you feel confident and stylish.

Additional services

Quite often, we can feel tired and emotionally drained by our disorganised wardrobe. Our once prized possessions have fallen from their hangers, perhaps buried somewhere in a drawer or misplaced in some other part of the house. There are many benefits to organising and tidying our wardrobes. Benefits can include improvement in our appearance, clarity of mind, heightened senses, increased confidence, more frugal spending, better shopping habits, and general lifestyle enhancements and time management. Blánaid can advice on storage solutions and stocks a range of wardrobe and fashion accessories.

General declutter

We can declutter absolutely anything that our clients feel would benefit them and impact on how they live their lives.

Most popular amongst requests are:

  • Cupboards
  • Clothes
  • Kitchens
  • Living spaces
  • Whole homes

Some clients are not sure what exactly they need. We recommend that clients fill in our enquiry form and we can advise based on the information provided.

We believe in giving a service tailored to our client’s needs and welcome any requests for additional services not listed.

House moves / down sizing 

Decluttering before your move, packing your personal items, unpacking and organising your new home 

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