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About Serene Simplicity

Time is created for the more fun pleasures in life.

Blánaid has a long background in the hotel business which sparked her interest in creating living spaces that promote well-being and calmness. Her eye for fine detail inspired by the clean line living in hotels is reflected in the work she has done for her clients.

Blánaid has a wealth of knowledge and offers tailor made solutions for her clients, from a total decluttering service to advising on storage solutions. 

Blánaid’s clients seek her help and advice to get their homes in order. She helps with organisation, implementing practical simplistic systems and making the home more streamlined and efficient.

Home Styling and advising on storage solutions also form part of her day.

Blánaid also carries her own range of storage products……


We believe that if your home is organised there will be a lot less mayhem in all other areas of your life!

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